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Building a successful campus recruitment strategy

Create a talent pipeline for the future with interns, co-op students, and new grads.

Today’s job market is more dependent on young talent than ever before. Millennials are officially the largest generation in the Canadian workforce, and Gen Z isn’t far behind. Campus recruiting is a great way to engage this emerging talent, but it comes with its challenges. After all, attracting students on their own turf requires a significantly unique approach.

Our free eGuide will help you build a successful campus recruiting strategy with checklists, timelines, and a few expert tricks for getting attention on campus.

What you'll learn:

  • Why a campus recruitment strategy is so important

  • How to identify your talent needs and set recruitment goals

  • How to choose schools and develop ongoing campus relationships

  • What events to take part in

  • How to develop a dynamic pitch for students and new grads

Plus: a month-by-month campus recruiting timeline

Campus Recruitment

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